if you are living in a high rise, you should check up with your RWA as societies today tend to have shared rooftops where there is a provision. However, there are some obvious things to consider before you decide to install rooftop solar on your house:

Area: First thing you must check is whether you have enough clear area to install solar panels. Also, the area should be enough to house the panels that are recommended for the system that is adequate to meet your demands.

Policy: Most of the states in India have a dedicated rooftop solar policy. If you are unsure or have not read about the same for your state, you can read it here . Several states have made Net Metering mandatory as well as offered some really lucrative schemes for you to install a rooftop solar PV plant. Make sure you are well aware of the policy in your state and stay up to date with the same.

Net Metering: Just like solar policy, Net Metering policies differ from state to state. Some DISCOMs are faster in processing the applications whereas some are slower. It would not be a bad idea to speak to your DISCOM or solar installer regarding Net metering before you decide to go solar. You can also get in touch with our expert solar advisors by clicking here.

Approvals: Installing rooftop solar PV plant may require an approval or NOC from your DISCOM depending upon the type and size of your solar system. Also, some states including Delhi have a more relaxed approach towards approvals. It is no doubt that in states like these, installing rooftop solar is a much faster process. If you live in a society of flats, you may need approvals from your RWA, so you should check upon that too.

Shading: If your rooftop is heavily shaded by nearby objects, it may prove to be not the most ideal place for installation of solar panels. If you have a lot of shading on your rooftop, there are some alternatives that the Engineering & Design team can offer, but there is no universal solution to the same. Therefore you must keep a close eye on the shading. Yanvi Solar specializes in providing advanced shading analysis tools and site assessment services.

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