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Healthy Rural Area By Switching Solar Plants

India saw the largest increase in cases on 4th May, and with the need to hospitalize more and more patients, in Covid-19 containment centers and hospitals, what has come to our attention is the crumbling healthcare system that’s prevalent in the country and especially the shocking state of affairs in rural India, where a government hospital with a maximum of 100 beds is all a town has, to rely on.

As we’ve realized such a healthcare module is far beyond inadequate, and it has lead research experts and leaders from renewable energy sector, to concentrate on the vulnerable state of healthcare in rural India. Such weak infrastructure in the healthcare sector in rural India can expose millions to fatal futures, without even getting the chance of adequate medical attention or clinical treatment. The renewable energy experts after discussing and debating believe solar energy can play a huge role in helping this sector of the Indian population, by solarizing all the un-electrified villages in India.

There are numerous systematic gaps existent which directly affect the poor population of the country, and the pandemic has just brought these gaps to our attention. More than 39000 sub-centers, responsible for serving as the primary link between the villages and the primary healthcare bodies for 230 million, do not have access to electricity. Hence, this directly interrupts their ability to give optimal and adequate medical help to the people. The meeting of 20 leaders from the solar industry forwarded a letter to the Prime Minister, highlighting the key concerns, and recommended suggestions to combat the present outbreak as well as take precautionary measures for providing better healthcare in the future.

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